Welcome to Cedar Valley Meats

This branch of Cedar Valley Farms sells prime Wagyu beef products that are produced on our family farm in Northeast Ohio. We operate simply - grow the best, raise the best, sell the best, and never stop working to improve the product.

Keeping it Natural

We believe in sustainably raising cattle where they are free to roam pastures naturally with no growth hormones, antibiotics, GMO's or chemicals that impact the quality. All calves spend the better part of their lives with their mother out in the pasture.


    Our Focus is on quality over volume; we are the furthest thing from a factory farm. What we have found is that consumers are willing to pay a premium for their food if: 1. They know where it's from

    2. They know it's the highest quality


    All cattle are born and raised on the family farm. Currently, Ferdinand, a registered Japanese Black Wagyu, is used for all breeding purposes. While some focus on pure breeds, we embrace bio-diversity, blending breeds in order to achieve a superior quality by selecting the best traits from each.


    All beef is USDA Certified and processed at a facility with an inspector present at all times during processing. The Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) requires that all meat sold commercially be inspected and passed to ensure that it is safe, wholesome, and properly labeled.


    One of the things we know is that humanely treated animals produce superior tasting and more tender beef. Every step of the way-from birth to processing, we ensure our animals are handled compassionately and humanely.


    YES! We see the demand picking up in other food products and it is only a matter of time before the market understands the benefits of sustainably growing and producing food. All cattle are raised on non-gmo grains and grasses which come from our own farm to ensure quality. During winter when pasture is not always available, they are supplemented with non-gmo hay grown from the farm.

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